The book for everyone who has a dream

Written by Aagje Vanwalleghem

Are you willing to work hard, set goals, endure pain and still keep going? Anything for that feeling of victory? Aagje Vanwalleghem went through hell to realize her dream.

In a climate that wasn't ready for her talent. At the age of sixteen, she took part in the gymnastics finals at the Olympic Games in Athens and put not only herself but also Belgian gymnastics on the map. But at what price? This book not only tells the truth about her origin, but also tells how Aagje Vanwalleghem became the pioneer in Belgian gymnastics. With a final at the Olympic Games, the first Belgian gymnastics medal ever at a European Championship and numerous World Cup medals, Aagje Vanwalleghem put Belgian gymnastics on the map. However, Resilience is not just a story of an athlete. It is also a story about trial and error, balancing between doubt and trust and about the strength to use the right energy and keep going. A story transformed into a treasure chest full of inspiration. For everyone who wants to make a difference in high performance sports, at work and in life. Talent is one thing, but without acquiring certain skills and thinking techniques you can never break through in a world where every result stands or falls with a thousandth of a point.

With this book, Aagje Vanwalleghem gives you the strength and flexibility to steer your own course with

a focus on winner's mode.

€ 25,00 

Only available in Dutch